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Forced advertising

Main reason I delete games no matter how good they are

Too many long ads in the free version

The game itself is fun and challenging but you have to put up with a lot ads to be able to play it.


So many ads but otherwise satisfied

Pretty ok

Ads everywhere, simple game play. Pay to remove ads, or watch MORE ADS for power ups 🙄

Too Many Ad

This is a fun game but ad after game and ad after game. Annoying! I am deleting it,

Paid to remove ads, still have ads

Paid for no ads. 2.99 Still have ads. Won’t buy from Voodoo games again. It’s a shame too. They have good games.

One big advertisement

Quick rundown: Start game. Get blown up. Watch long video ad for a different game. Wash, rinse, repeat. Every time you die. Could you pay $2.99 to remove ads? Sure, but the game isn’t that fun.


An ad after every game...RIDICULOUS! DELETED within 5 mins.

Good game

Very cool

To many ads

To many ads


Why is there still ads?


Ads jump in and lock the game up before you even have a chance to see if you like it. What’s wrong with this developer? Deleted it, nobody should have to put up with this harassment at the onset.


I don’t know why this company sells a “no ad” version, because the ads are not removed. The only removal was of my money.

It’s ok

Pretty good app

Crash All the time now.

I am playing this game for sometime now but now i can't anymore. I mostly play enemy mode on ios 11 it crashed let's say 1/5 and than i got update for ios 12 and after that noe i can't play it i start the game and start playing enemy mode within some second it crash and game close. After that one time i can't start it it crash every time i start. Let's say i went little further and it's still on once i die first time it again goes on crash loop.

Excellent game

Very good game to pass the time if your bored! Not over the top and pay to win type games sinple straight forward and fun!


Toooooo many adds

Horribly placed adds

Yo can see what it takes to unlock the next plane because of the adds but the game is a good time passes

Rigged and full of ads

Every time you die there is an add pop up you have to watch. If you maneuver away from the middles long enough 1 will come out of nowhere and kill you. Garbage game.

Soooo fun

This game is really fun and time based and it makes you feel awesome if you get a cool move or dodge

Needs to be fixed!

The ads are getting in the way of the description on how to unlock different planes. I try to click a plane to see how to unlock it, and half of the description hangs below the screen. So I can only read the first line on how to unlock them.


They posted on Instagram that you could go to Disneyland if you dodged 50 missiles, well I did it and no tickets I am upset for them lying and not being honest in their advertising

Great game

Fun to play and super addicting

Add free is a rip off

Don’t buy the add free deal. Pay $2.99 still have to watch the adds.

Too many ads for such a short play through

The premise of this game is actually very cool but the number of ads makes this such a painful app to play. Learning a new game means I’m going to die. A lot. In this game that’s like less than 10 seconds of playing time. When I die I have to wait 10 sec for the continue timer to end or if I want to continue my run I have to sit through a 30 sec ad. If I let the continue timer run out I can start a new game but after I die again I’m forced to sit through a 30 second commercial. In total I’ve played 20 seconds of this game and sat through 50 seconds of ads/dead time. This is a time sink in the worst possible way. The game could be so much better if they just flipped that ratio around. I’d be happy to watch and sit through ads if I could actually play the game but instead I watched more ads than I played. If I could’ve played more I would’ve considered spending money to remove the ads but given my lack of exposure to the game I couldn’t pull the trigger at $2.99. At 1.99 maybe, at .99 sure but no way was I spending money on a game where I couldn’t even play enough to be interested.

Lots of adds

the adds are sooo long it’s not worth the wait


To many ads


It has too many adds


Too many ads. Even when you pay for no ads. Pass on this one.

Not a bad game

Too many adds and way too repetitive


Good game but where is sound?






To many ads for a five star game

Pice of pups

Too many commercials


Too many ads. you already have enough ads all over the screen quit it. Other then the ads it’s a good game to pass the time. Should but obstacles like other planes and or rocks


So much ads you can barely play the game it self. I got annoyed after 5 mins I said delete!!


Is lagging af

Pop up

Too much pop up can’t enjoy it as much


After every time my plane gets destroyed and restart an add will pop up every 2 times you get destroyed. Also when you’re in the shop for planes and tap on the plane an add board will appear on the bottom of the screen making me not able to see the price. Please, can you slow down the adds?


Way to much ads


Purchased the ad free version and still seeing ads. Very frustrating.

Don’t bother

For every 5 seconds of game play there are 30 seconds of ads. No where near tolerable. They don’t even give you a grace period to become addicted to the game.

Ok...needs more...ad banners are a problem

I am enjoying the game. It’s great for a quick mind numbing distraction. There needs to be more explanation of what your coins buy, perhaps even assigning stats to the upgrades rather than just cosmetic. A major irritation is the banner ads covering critical game information. Like buying new planes... I have no idea what they cost or what they do, because the stupid advert covers the text. That is why I scored a 2, fix the ads and I would say the game is an ok 4.

Riddled with ads!

Have to pay $2.99 for this to have any fun whatsoever. The ‘free’ version is terrible and interrupted continuously with annoying ads. Not paying the money, very poor demo.

Can’t play

Can’t play games due to ads on bottom of app.

Good game

This game seriously need some music.

Not worth the time to figure out

Annoying game with no instructions and the ads cover half of the information. “Unlock by” then an ad banner blocks it. So if you want to dodge missiles with no direction or clear guidance by all means install. Voodoo has much better time wasters.

Free version is painful

The free version is painful. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Pass on this one.

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