Go Plane App Reviews

0 add

That part

Love the game but to many advertisements so I’m up stalling it.

I am good

I just got I and I am so good

Too many commercials 🙄

Fun game too many commercials


Toooo many adds

Tooo many addssss

Tooo many addsss


I’m not that good

go plane is good

i like tho game but it’s silly as a duck watching carter the tree and selling him a new toenail that looks like a pretty weird tv show like KC undercover

Ads are too much

I can’t buy any new planes because the ads are blocking the place where it shows how much they are

Go plane

Fun And challenging The only thing Annoying is the ads in the app tht pop up in between beside that I give it a 10 out of 10

It’s okay

It’s fun. Perfect game for kids but on the preview of the game forgot it the missiles were not aiming directly to the plane but when I play the real game I just keep on dying in seconds in seconds because the missiles just keep on aiming at me

Fun game... adds!!

A little heavy handed with the amount and length of adds.

I don’t want to spend Monday to make adds go away

Way to many adds


Like Sling Drift, I Love It!

Too many adds!

This game would be so much fun, a time killer. But every time you die you have to watch a 30 second clip for another game.

Go plane

Way to many ads

Ads in abundance

Ads ads ads ads ads so many ads


To many pop ups

Too many ads

Go plane looked I saw the length and the amount of the ads I didn’t decide that this game was so good that’s why I rated it two out of five stars

Helpful tip for no ads

For the people that play Voodoo games and they have to deal with all these ads. Turn on airplane mode and turn off everything else! It works! This is just for those who don’t know so you can enjoy playing with an Ad-free game were u don’t need to buy the game pass for no ads! You have ur own, airplane mode!

Great game but....

This game is overall a great thing to do when you are bored. Great gameplay, and just fun. There is only one flaw in it, and is the reason I don’t play it anymore. The ads. After every single “run” or time you play it you are required to see an ad. I don’t think very many people want to spend 2.99 on no ads. If you want more people to play your game and enjoy it, consider removing the ads completely.

Go plane

Fun game’but my phone is to small or my thumbs are to big! I can’t see them missels sometimes.

Too many ads

The game would be great, but too bad you guys flood the app with unnecessary ads.


So. Many. Ads.

Ads are still on even when I paid for ad free

No good

What I don’t like about it

I like it but just my parents keep saying why are their misles in it

Too many ads now

Game was great before they made it like every other game out there, full of nonsense and too many ads

Ads not removed

Gots charged to have ads removed. Annoying ads still playing. Total fraud

Too many advertisements!😡

Waaaaaay toooo many’s ads DELETE !!!! makes the game no fun when u have to watch’s adds every few seconds interrupting the game total scam ad bot game !

Great game

This is a great game Recommend if you are bored and or don’t want to waste your battery

Great Game!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Game is great very challenging but im setting a score!!

am enjoying your game

am enjoying your game

I paid for ad removal

I paid for ad removal but ads from this developers other games still show up. I don't give a care about your other games. Quit being greedy and remove your self advertisment. Uninstalled


Dis is a lot game to


Charge you 3 bucks for no adds. Paid it. Crash your plane, gotta watch 30 sec + advert to restart. And apple allows this??

Great Game, but fix glitch

This game is amazing and I am very into flying. However when I look at what I need to do to get the planes, the description is at the bottom of the screen. Also, sometimes, when I play challenges it makes me tap to quit twice.

Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar

To hard

Adds ruin the fun it’s never ending so it makes you die a bunch of nukes go for you instead of one so that’s all the reasons I rated it 3 stars also measag to people who wrote a review why is your review so long


Addict ed

Used to be fun

Then the ads ruined this game.


THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!!! Unless you REALLY LIKE ads then I would not recommend it


Man o man this is fun!!! u juke and dodge missiles


This game is very addictive and fun. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play simple but fun games.

An awesome idea

The two problems are the way adds appear and its amount and some glitches that make me loose twice which is somehow annoying





Go plane

I think that it is pretty hard once you get farther into the game


This game is so awesome and addictive!!!✨💗


Gud lol


The loud vibration sound is annoying



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