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No one likes ads. I hate them! I don’t like the types of games on the adds I just don’t want to get it. Plz get rid of adds there useless

😽😻😸😺😹😺😸😻😽 💋

I haven't even played this game, but when I saw the advertisement, I new I just had to get it! Looks very difficult, but more fun can come from this game than any other!


Please please make a basketball version

Over the falls

It simple and easy to operate... it is fun

Cool game but too much ads

The game is a cool concept and it’s very smooth but the fact that there is WAY TOO MANY ADS! Kills the vibe of the game. Literally every time you try to play and new game it give you an ad!

Don’t even bother downloading

I can’t get past the first few seconds and quite frankly it is a horrible game

Why’d u get rid of tracked

This game sh*t


It is a very great game i love it but idk why but after the most recent update it lags the game

Potentially an enjoyable game

The game portion seems fun, but I do not know if this is a game I have downloaded or an ad app with a game in it.

Download for your own sake

It’s fun yo, trust me!!! Hard at first but you’ll get used to it!!

So many ads



It’s a great way to pass time! Kind of boring though but still good!

Fun, but not addictive

This game is super fun and challenging. I love that you break the ankles of missles... if that’s possible. It’s fun the first few times,but then eventually it gets pretty boring. Hopefully VooDoo adds in some new features, that would hopefully be better for the game.

Too many ads

The game is fun but after every fail it’s an ad, takes the enjoyment out of it.

Dustin terrell

Great game

Ad removal broken!!

Don’t bother paying for ad removal. I paid them and the ads remain. Total ripoff.

Fun game

I like this game great to spend time

Fun game but remove ads doesn’t remove ads

Not sure what I paid for because after every level I get stuck watching ads for other games

Ads in the middle.

I’m rating one star because y’all decided it would be a good idea to make ads pop up in the middle of the screen with no way to move our close them. Not a good idea. I won’t even talk about the game until that nonsense is removed.


I play when I’m bored and even if I’m done “being bored” I find myself going back to the game! It’s a lot of fun

Poor ad integration/optimization

Unfortunately, the game is unplayable unless you pay to disable ads, so I can’t even see if I enjoy the game enough to do that. Even on a healthy 6s and a 150+mbps internet connection, the ads lag the entire game out so much that I can’t even see the first few missiles before they hit the plane when you start. If I can get past that first volley through luck, every time an ad changes, (which is insanely often), it lags the entire game out again. It’s pretty much unplayable in it’s current state unless you pay to remove the ads.

Fun but the adds.. not so much

I was excited to play this game it’s a wonderful time waster I do enjoy it, but the adds on the bottom are annoying only because it covers the bottom of the “Unlock” tab/button when trying to “unlock” a new plane, but’s is ridiculous to pay $2.99 to remove adds.

This is the good shet

I pooped and played this game once and it was great.

Ripped off

Got ad free service still showed ads (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I was just playing this for about 5 minutes and I already had 3 ads that just wasted my time and made me mess up. You are given the option to watch an ad to save your self, so I sat through an ad and when it finished it just made me restart anyways, this happened twice. On top of that, I was close to getting a new high score and I got a 24 second ad pop up on my screen, so I got blown up, and it wouldn’t let me back out.



Need music and more levels

Fire but need music more levels and less adds


I like this game it’s fun but ads are unreal sometimes I will be right in the middle of a round and a ad will appear if they took of some ads then I would rate it 5 stars I recommend buying it and using aircraft mode


More ads than game

it's time to stop.

Yoooooo you can't put ads on the game while we're playing it. You also can't keep putting ads every 1 min.

To much ads

Its a nice game but its a ad package game its imposible

Game ok, too many ads

Game was reasonable entertaining, but the unskippable 30 second ad every other time you die made me delete it

No depth

No depth and rather sloppy..

Ads still there?

I paid for the "remove ads" because it was nice to get them out of the way. But recently, there's an ad promoting one of their own games on the title screen. Can you not? I paid for those NOT to show up. Secondly, there's a glitch as of right now where I can't see how much progress I have to get the Stealth Bomber. It glitches off the screen, I'm using the iPhone 7+. Please fix, it's annoying and I'm pretty sure I got that Stealth Bomber but can't unlock it now >:(


mucho anuncio y aburrido

Not worth the ads

See ya! Won’t be downloading this again. This game advertised itself out of a customer. Just played it 3 times.


It spent $2.99 on removing ads and it took $23. Refund?????? EDIT: I’m sorry I made a mistake it wasn’t the game that did that so sorry 😂

Some adds are pretty annoying

Won’t let me close some ads I have to close the app and start it back up

Too many ads

There are too many ads and one in particular send you to a malware site

Ad Overload

Its a good game,but why the ads it just ruins the game.ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ It ticked me off so much to get the same game and other games by Voodoo. Stop and think to look at the ratings and stars. I was playing and with in 5 minutes ads galore!!!! The fact that I close the ad and then it pops up on the bottom of the screen. So when you buy the game......well if you do...delete it as soon as the ad pops up.

swarm of ads!

this game is so difficult you die in less than 10 seconds, then you have to watch the ads for 30 seconds(after every freaking game) before you can play again.

I paid to have ads removed, why are there still ads?

I paid to have the ads removed only to find that, a few weeks later, you’re putting ads on the main screen. It makes the game unstable and glitchy, especially when I’m trying to quickly get back into the game after failing a mission. I’ve even had the ad for twisty road or fire rings show up on the game play screen. Please explain why I paid to have ads removed and you’ve put them back in. I want my money back!

مروان الدراجي

لم تشتغل اللعبة بعد تحميلها ؟؟؟؟ لماذا؟؟؟

I’m fixin to delete this ad spam

Fun game! WAY TOO MANY ADS !

It’s needs more contact

Well, this game is very addictive and as other said, a great time killer. As an avid fan of this game. I get the vibe of cops and rubbers type of game. I would like to see more content that is free , like defensive lock systems and weaponry. Also a nice idea is fighting another airplane . Needs work, but nice progress.

Advertisements are what ruin it

I believe that this is a great game created by Voodoo. The concept of the game is so simple but so intriguing to play! I’d rate it four stars but this is where the game gets very agitating. Constant ads. I’ve noticed that with Dune, which was created by Voodoo as well. Every other time I finish a challenge or my plane gets destroyed an ad just seems to be thrown at me. I won’t complain that there are ads in other games but this game just throws advertisements any chance they can. In the middle of games banners will appear. After every other round you’ll be forced to watch a video, or play through another app for a minute, or read something through chat fiction apps. So yes- the game is outstanding but ads are an issue. I refuse to spend three dollars to remove simple advertisements.

Games good but too much ads

I’m okay with ads but every time I die is overkill. Great game but ads kill the momentum

cool game BUT AD CENTRAL

Is a really fun game & has a lot of potential BUT THERE ARE SO MANY ADS !!

Auto click for ads

Would be better if the game did not automatically open the ads while you are playing.


All you want from this game is money and the adds ruin it

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